We are a team behind your big day

We understand there's a lot to plan for your wedding which is why we simplify things for you. We are a photography and videography team who's passion is to creatively retell your big day through beautiful photos and videos. With over a decade of combined experience you can rest assured knowing that your wedding day will be beautifully preserved. 



Matt LE

Lead Photographer

Matt was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. His parents bought him his first camera at age 13 and ever since then, he's been a dedicated hobbyist. Matt started photographing weddings professionally in 2009 and loves it with each passing season. He is an avid coffee drinker and loves taking backpacking trips doing landscape photography. 




Originally from Flagstaff, Arizona, Dave moved to Phoenix in 2008. His wedding work is inspired by a variety of other wedding film professionals. Other than wedding films, he enjoys creating corporate/commercial films for businesses and churches here in the Phoenix Valley. 




Mike loves to film.  Finding the story in a video is a passion of his.  He says, “Every wedding video is unique. Every couple’s personality helps shape the dynamic of the video.  This is why I love shooting and editing weddings.  While the videos maybe similar, everyone stands out in its own way.”  Mike completed his film degree in 2012 at Eastern Michigan University and started doing work as a wedding video editor.


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